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Dedicated Virtual Servers - From £18 per month

* NO SETUP FEES if you order upgrades at the same time that you order your server.


Memory (RAM)

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
128 MB RAM *FREE £ 20.00 £ 20.00 N/A
256 MB RAM *FREE £ 25.00 £ 25.00 N/A
512 MB RAM *FREE £ 40.00 £ 40.00 N/A
1 GB RAM *FREE £ 60.00 £ 60.00 N/A

Maximum RAM per Server
2GB - Dedicated Bronze package
2GB - Dedicated Silver package
4GB - Dedicated Gold package (1GB increments only)
6GB - Dedicated Platinum package (1GB increments only)

Additional Storage (Hard Drives)

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Extra 60 GB *FREE £ 40.00 £ 20.00 N/A
Extra 80 GB *FREE £ 40.00 £ 30.00 N/A
Extra 120 GB *FREE £ 40.00 £ 40.00 N/A
Extra 200 GB *FREE £ 40.00 £ 70.00 N/A
SCSI HD *FREE £ 40.00 £ 50.00 N/A

Network Storage (Backup)

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
100 GB Backup £ 50.00 £ 50.00 N/A

IP Addresses

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Additional IP Addresses *FREE £ 25.00 £ 1.00 N/A

* NO SETUP FEES if you order the IP Addresses at the same time that you order your server. We need to be provided with the domain name and the use of the domain for each IP address requested in order to provide the standard justification to ARIN. Four IP addresses are included with all server packages.

Ethernet Cards

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Second Ethernet Card *FREE £ 100.00 £ 25.00 N/A

Sonic Hardware Firewall

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Sonic Hardware Firewall £ 100.00 £ 70.00 N/A

For an additional layer of security we provide Sonicwall hardware firewalls as an available option on all servers. This firewall has VPN capability, can handle unlimited IP addresses, and is easy to set up with a web based administration interface. (£100 setup, £70/month.)

Additional GB of transfer

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
10 GB transfer £ 0.00 £ 20.00 N/A

Extra transfer is automatically billed on a monthly calendar basis in 10 GB increments and automatically billed to your account.

Dedicated bandwidth Circuits (Mbps)

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Dedicated Bandwidth Circuits £ 50.00 £ 150.00 N/A

Hosting package Monthly Package Credit
Dedicated Bronze Hosting NONE
Dedicated Silver Hosting £50 off
Dedicated Gold Hosting £100 off
Dedicated Platinum Hosting £150 off

Customers may elect to purchase bandwidth on a per megabit per second basis instead of per GB of monthly data transfer. The price is £150 per 1 Megabit per second and customers will receive a service credit of £50 to £150 based on the data transfer that normally is included with their servers. All our servers are connected to burstable 100Mbps ethernet ports and are not throttled in any way.

Bandwidth utilization is determined by the 95th percentile of total utilization. Usage is never capped.

Dedicated bandwidth circuits must be ordered prior to the start of the billing cycle with a 30 day cancellation policy.

Microsoft SQL Server

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Microsoft SQL Server £ 100.00 £ 250.00 N/A

Microsoft SQL Server is a high-end database application that can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions. For high-traffic eCommerce or dynamic database-driven web sites, MS SQL Server provides superior performance, uptime and scalability.

Web sites that use MySQL, Access and other databases for dynamic web sites can perform properly, but for superior performance and reliability under heavy traffic or intensive usage, Hostzone recommends a Windows powered Dedicated Server solution with Microsoft SQL Server.

The Gold and Platinum are the most popular choices for hosting Microsoft SQL Server-based sites, due to their powerful Dual Xeon processors and RAID drive arrays that provide speed and data redundancy.

When combined with the new Windows Server 2003 operating system option, SQL can reach levels of performance and scalability previously attainable only on mainframe systems. Windows Server 2003 supports improved CPU load-balancing and scheduling, a faster file system and improved input/output (I/O) performance, and support for Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT).

Call out sales team for more details.

Microsoft Exchange Server

  Setup fee Monthly fee Annual fee
Microsoft Exchange Server £ 200.00 £ 10.00 N/A

Save thousands of dollars and weeks of deployment time!

With a hosted Exchange Server from ServePath, you can save at least £6,000 in up-front software licensing and server hardware costs, and have an Email and collaboration solution ready to go for your company in 1-2 days.

Unlike most outsourced Exchange solutions, however, you will get your own copy of Exchange on your own Dedicated Server. You'll have full administrative access to customize the server to meet your needs, create accounts and configure services. Hostzone provides the full system resources of a server for your company's exclusive use, and never offers any shared hosting environments that could affect performance or compromise the security of your data.

Exchange 2000 Server

Exchange 2000 Server is a reliable and scalable platform that offers a rich set of managed messaging and collaboration services. The secure Email, shared calendars, public folders and instant messaging offer your business greatly improved communication and productivity.

By hosting your messaging and collaboration infrastructure and applications with Hostzone, growing businesses can focus on their core competencies, instead of on technology.

Call out sales team for more details.

*Note: Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 Standard Editions support 4 GB RAM, Web Edition supports 2 GB RAM. FreeBSD supports a maximum of 4 GB RAM. Red Hat Linux supports 4 GB of RAM standard but can support up to 64 GB with a custom Kernel modification.

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