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Dedicated Platinum

Dedicated Platinum

Enterprise Performance & Reliability

The Platinum package is our top of the line server, and is ideal for mission critical Internet applications requiring performance, scalability, and high-availability. It is our only SCSI server, with a RAID 5 storage array featuring 5 hot-swappable 36 GB drives for a total of 144 GB of fast, redundant storage. It's dual Intel 2.4 GHz Xeon processors are among the fastest processors Intel makes, and are complemented with 2 full Gigabytes of RAM.
We believe in providing you with the perfect solution for your requirements. For this reason, Dedicated Hosting packages can only be purchased via our sales hotline on 01926 485168.

Package Description
What You Get

  • Monthly fee - £600.00
  • Annual fee - £6,500 (Free Setup)
  • One time setup fee - £100.00
  • Processor
    • 2 x Intel Xeon Dual Core Woodcrest
    • 2.0 GHz
  • Memory - 4GB
  • Hard Drive
    • 5 x 36 GB
    • SCSI RAID 5
  • Bandwidth - Burstable (100Mbps)
  • Monthly Transfer -  3000GB
  • IP Addresses - 4
  • Operating System
    • Red Hat Linux
    • FreeBSD
    • Windows Server 2000 (add £25.00)
    • Windows Server 2003 (add £50.00)
  • Ensim WEBppliance (optional) - Yes


** There are no restrictions on the amount of bandwidth you can use. Every ServePath package includes a very generous allocation of bandwidth per month. All bandwidth usage over the allocated amount for your server package is automatically charged in 10 GB increments at the rate of £1.99 per GB. Optional dedicated bandwidth packages (Mbps circuits) are available for intensive bandwidth usage. For full details, please contact our sales team.

*** 4 IP addresses are standard with all server plans. All customers actually receive 2 /30 subnets per ARIN guidelines, putting each server on its own private LAN (VLAN). One /30 (4 IPs) is for the interface, and the other /30 (4 IPs) are useable. Unlimited IP addresses are available per ARIN guidelines for £1 per IP additional address per month.

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